Global Online Education Market Size to Reach USD 268.9 Billion by 2030

 Posted on: Jan-2023 | ICT & Telecommunications

The global online education market is projected to reach USD 268.9 Billion by 2030, from USD 44.78 Billion in 2021 and is projected to garner growth at a CAGR of 25.1% between 2022 and 2030

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Online learning is the process of education i.e., learning, teaching obtaining knowledge and skill through internet. The internet is method of communication, interaction, entertainment, health, trade and commerce, students can visit websites not only to download desired information but also to ask questions till out examination forms solving questions papers and learning information from the teacher so through online education student can learn acquire knowledge information and skill of particular work or job without attending any class but sitting in the house or wherever internet is available.

The online education market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by several factors. One of the primary drivers is the increasing demand for flexible and convenient learning options, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rise of technological advancements and the widespread availability of high-speed internet has also enabled greater accessibility to online learning platforms. Also, the increasing number of internet users has influenced the market demand. The increasing demand for upskilling and reskilling due to rapidly changing job markets has further fueled the growth of the online education market, as it offers a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional classroom-based education.

However, there are also several restraints that can impact the market, including concerns around the quality of online education and the lack of face-to-face interaction with instructors and peers. Additionally, the cost of online courses and the potential for fraudulent activities within the industry can also act as barriers to growth.

Online Education Market Scope and Segment



Market Size in 2021

USD 44.78 Billion

Estimated Market Size by 2030

USD 268.9 Billion

CAGR Growth Rate

25.1% CAGR

Base Year


Forecast Years



By Technology, By provider, By Vertical

Major Regions Covered

  • North America - (U.S. Canada)
  • Europe - (U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific - (China, Japan, India, South Korea, South East Asia, Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • Latin America - (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Middle East & Africa - (GCC Countries, South Africa, Rest of Middle East & Africa)

Key Market Players

Lynda, Blackboard Inc., McGraw-Hill Education, Adobe Systems Inc., Pearson, Tata Interactive Systems, PowerSchool Learning, Edmodo, Aptara Inc., Oracle Corporation, Docebo, Cisco Systems Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Sap SE, Citrix Education Inc., Apollo Education Group, Inc., K12 Inc., Skills2learn Ltd., City & Guilds Group, Udacity Inc.,

Report Highlights

Online Education Market is segmented by technology, provider, Vertical and region.

By Provider, market is divided into content provider and service provider. The content provider segment is expected to continue to dominate the Online Education Market over the forecast period.

Based on the technology, the online education market has been segregated into mobile learning, learning management system, and virtual class others. Mobile e-learning is the fastest-growing segment owing to growing income levels. The Learning Management System (LMS) segment is another leading segment in the Online Education Market. It is mainly used for creating and delivering content, tracking progress, and assessing outcomes. It offers a comprehensive platform for authoring, administrating, and tracking e-learning programs. Major advantages of LMS include scalability, faster deployment, cost effectiveness, and improved access. Also, Increased acceptance of virtual and augmented reality and the Internet of Things in training & development and paradigm shifts from school environment to virtual classroom, especially in developed countries, boosts the virtual class segment.

Regional Overview

Geographically, the APAC region will see significant market expansion due to increased demand from India and China due to rising literacy rates, a large youth population, and government initiatives to bridge the digital gap. Similarly, technical advancement and innovation will propel the Online Education Market in North America and Europe. The demand for primary and secondary education will drive expansion in Latin America and Africa.

The North American eLearning market accounts for approximately 40% of the industry share and is quickly expanding as a result of several enterprises' rapid technological adoption to give effective training to their employees. Moreover, content developers in this region offer training modules with a higher degree of customization, and content quality, along with the availability of adequate network infrastructure across educational institutions and organizations is driving competition in the global online education market.

Competitive Landscape

The report includes qualitative and quantitative research on the global Online Education Market, as well as complete insights and development strategies used by the leading competitors.

List of Key Players in the Global Online Education Market:

  • Lynda, Blackboard Inc.
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • Adobe Systems Inc.
  • Pearson
  • Tata Interactive Systems
  • PowerSchool Learning
  • Edmodo, Aptara Inc.
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Docebo
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Sap SE
  • Citrix Education Inc.
  • Apollo Education Group, Inc.
  • K12 Inc.
  • Skills2learn Ltd.
  • City & Guilds Group
  • Udacity Inc

Global Online Education Market Segment as Follows:

By Provider

  • Content
  • Services

By Technology

  • Mobile learning
  • Learning management system
  • Virtual class
  • Others

By Vertical

  • K12
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate
  • Others

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